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Edugence is an integrated suite of educational applications providing in-depth Educational Intelligence to enhance student performance by providing a full 360-degree view of the student.
This comprehensive web based Student, Learning and Instruction Management platform enables teachers to provide individualized instruction based on a defined continuous improvement process. It provides the tools to develop curriculum, lesson plans and assessments aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
Edugence proactively notifies parents, teachers and other stakeholders of important information when needed, instead of them spending time searching for information. The Collaboration Portal allows parents, teachers, students and administrators to communicate with each other as well as monitor student performance.

Business Intelligence

Educational Intelligence from the Boardroom to the Classroom. Advanced Analytics Platform with tools to deduce actionable information in near real time for District and School Leadership, Teachers and Coaches.

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Develop, deliver standards aligned Benchmark and curriculum based assessments through multiple platforms; online, on paper or on hand held devices. Detailed reports and analysis on all Standardized and local assessments.

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Develop, manage and deliver standards aligned curriculum, instructional content, lesson plans and supporting material online.

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Provide real time progress monitoring of students undergoing intervention. Ability to apply intervention strategies across the different tiers, evaluate their quality and outcomes.

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Provide a comprehensive workflow enabled LPAC Framework to manage the entire process, collect data, monitor progress, communicate with parents and provide reports.

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Appraisals is increasingly utilized by public schools in the United States. Edugence Appraisals environment complements a traditional classroom, students extend their learning beyond the classroom to virtually anywhere and anytime.

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Provide an integrated Professional Development and Evaluation platform for Teachers and Administrators. Online evaluation process with intelligent professional development recommendation and effective analysis.

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Provide a comprehensive workflow enabled 504 process to manage the entire process, collect data, monitor progress, communicate with parents and provide reports.

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6-Yr Graduation Plan

Plan and monitor progress towards high school graduation. All graduation rules automatically applied based on endorsement and graduation plan selected.

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Parent Portal

Provide relevant and timely information to parents through an online portal, easily accessible through any web enabled device, including tablets and phones.

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“Edugence yields statistical computations that provide great insight about the quality of our local assessments, analytical reports and is available to all staff members whether at work or at home. I would highly recommend this product to any school district”
- Diana Hood
Director of Assessment and Accountability

“Mach B has very good knowledge of curriculum design and online interface, which enabled us to design an easy to use format that our teachers appreciate. We are extremely pleased with the product and with the excellent customer service. We rarely encounter problems; however, when we do, they respond immediately.”
- Carolyne Creel
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
Fort Worth ISD

“Edugence provides an excellent service to our district. The interface is user-friendly on any device and allows all district staff to track program information and monitor student progress in literacy inventories, course grades, and local and state assessments.”
- Melissa Row
Executive Director of Assessment and Research
Grand Prairie ISD

Edugence is developed by Mach B Technologies, an Information Technology solutions provider specializing in Education We bring innovative solutions and hands on experience in:
- Education
+ Curriculum and Instruction Management
+ Assessment
+ Response to Intervention
+ Student Information System
+ Reporting and Analysis
- Educational Intelligence
+ Predictive Modeling of Student Performance, Dropout, etc.
- Web based Knowledge Management and Collaboration Portals
- Enterprise system design, integration and migration
- Digital Content Management and Delivery
- Identity Management
- Compliance Management