Response to Intervention

Provide real time progress monitoring of students undergoing intervention. Ability to apply intervention strategies across the different tiers, evaluate their quality and outcomes.

Web Based

Works on any browser and with iPads, iPhone and Android devices.


Dashboards to monitor progress and provide important information in an easy to understand visual format.

Real Time Progress Monitoring

Enables real time progress monitoring and tracking of students. Set goals, time lines, intervention strategies, frequency and group size.

Auto flag students for intervention

Enables automatic flagging of students for intervention based on district defined criteria.

Full Support for Tier I, II and III interventions

Manage all tiers of interventions, each having its own intervention strategies. Track historical progress across the different tiers when student transition to a different tier.

Assessment Integration

One place to view and analyze all assessment data, including curriculum based assessments, benchmarks and STAAR.

Student RtI Profile

Complete intervention profile of students since the time they first came to the district.

Extensive Reporting

Wide range of reports to monitor the RTI process, evaluate student progress, quality of strategies used and outcomes.


Integrated referral process and forms for Special Education.