Professional Development

Provide an integrated Professional Development and Evaluation platform for Teachers and Administrators.Online evaluation process with intelligent professional development recommendation and effective analysis.

Web Based

Works on any browser and with iPads, iPhone and Android devices.


Dashboards to monitor progress and provide important information in an easy to understand visual format.

New Texas Evaluation Forms

Based on the new Texas Evaluation forms, criteria and processes. Walkthroughs and evaluations forms customized to meet district needs.


A workflow to guide the entire evaluation and process development processes.

Student Performance data Integration

All student performance data is automatically populated in relevant forms.


Full support for uploading and attaching related information within the process flow.

Advanced Professional Development

Comprehensive platform to manage professional development. Manage courses, registration, completion, certificate and professional development requirements. For support for online courses with full multimedia support.

Intelligent Recommendation Engine

Intelligent recommendation engine to recommend professional development based on teacher need. Effectiveness of professional development courses are evaluated based on the resulting quantitative and qualitative improvements.

Extensive Reporting

Wide range of reports to track evaluation and professional development, quality of the professional development programs and courses, outcomes and other Key Performance Indicators.