Develop, manage and deliver standards aligned curriculum, instructional content, lesson plans and supporting material online.

Web Based

Works on any browser and compatible with iPads and Android devices.


Dashboards to monitor the entire teaching and learning process.

Alignment to Standards

Each unit can be aligned to State, Local and National standards.

Manage Differentiated


Each unit can provide for differentiated instruction (ELL, Bilingual, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, etc.)

Pacing Guide

Integrated pacing guide provides a summary view of the instructional timeline to each unit.

Lesson Plan

Teachers can create and share lesson plans online. Campus administrators can review lesson plans online and provide feedback.


Curriculum fully integrated with Assessment, RtI and Reporting to provide a complete understanding of the instructional process.

Rich Text editor

Word like editing functionality with Graphics, Math equations, Tables and complex formatting.

Export and Print

Individual or groups of Curriculum units can be exported to PDF and printed directly from the browser.

Parent Access

Any portion of the curriculum can be made accessible to parents through the Parent Portal.