Develop, deliver standards aligned Benchmark and curriculum based assessments through multiple platforms; online, on paper or on hand held devices. Detailed reports and analysis on all Standardized and local assessments.

Web Based

Works on any browser and compatible with iPads and Android devices.


Dashboards to monitor the complete assessment process from creating assessments, change tracking to scheduling, scoring and reporting results.

Item banks and Answer keys

Build Assessments using an existing Item bank or create just the Answer Key in System. Item Banks could be from 3rd party vendors or locally created by District.

Rich Text editor

Word like editing functionality with Graphics, Math equations, Tables and complex formatting.

Align questions to Standards

Questions can be aligned to State, Local and National Standards.

Online assessments, including adaptive assessments

Student portal for students to log in and take assessment online at pre scheduled times. Students can review on-line assessments, they have just completed and submitted. Students can see each question, the correct answer and the answer they provided.

Scantron & Plain paper

Integrated with Scantron and any plain paper scanners. Answer documents can be pre coded with student information and assessment information for easy and accurate scanning.

Administrative tools

Extensive administrative tools to manage the entire assessment process from creating assessments, to assigning assessments for students to take and correct any errors.